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Instrumental Music - Band

​Some of the instruments available in our band program.
​At Stanthorpe State School we offer students the opportunity to learn a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument in a group setting.  Students in years 4, 5, and 6 are offered places in the programme to learn one of the following instruments:
The woodwind family: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone and tenor saxophone.
The brass family: trumpet, trombone, baritone BC and euphonium.
The percussion family: electric bass guitar, glockenspiel, drums and many auxiliary percussion instruments suited to the Concert Band Programme.
The school owns many instruments that we can loan our students for the first year.  If students are making satisfactory progress, parents are asked to purchase an instrument so that the students can continue on with lessons for another 2 years and into their high school education.
Of course the aim of the programme is to produce a Concert Band so that students can perform as an ensemble.  Lessons are provided with the understanding that when students have reached an acceptable level they will attend band rehearsals and perform at various events around the district.
A question often asked of our instrumental music teachers is "Do the smartest students learn instruments or does learning an instrument make the students smarter?".  The answer is "Both", and here's why:
1.  There are many more students wanting to join the programme than places available.  This means students are selected based on who we think will have the best chance of success.  Students with a high level of commitment, who complete work on time, who are organised and industrious do the best and we look for these types of students.
2.  Research over many years has clearly found that learning a musical instrument increases right and left hand brain connections which help students in all areas of academic achievement.  Students make miraculous improvement and overcome learning difficulties as a result of music education.  Learning an instrument gives you an opportunity to develop vital success skills and makes you smarter.
Playing an orchestral instrument in a Concert Band is fun and exciting.  It is challenging and hard work.  It takes commitment and effort.  It is rewarding and inspiring.  It is a life long skill that can open a multitude of opportunities in the future.  And the lessons are free!